High Efficiency AC Units

Pays for itself in energy savings


Replacement Air Conditioning Unit

Air Conditioners create the perfect climate...until they stop working!

replacement air conditioningWhen the air conditioner stops working in the Cincinnati Ohio area - even the DOG  knows that's it's HOT inside. Has your AC unit needed a lot of repairs lately?  It may be time to purchase a replacement air conditioning unit from JM Mechanical.

High Efficiency AC Units

Do you feel like it is time to purchase a new air conditioner and cooling system for your Cincinnati Ohio residential or commercial space? All of our air conditioners are designed for quality, energy efficiency and reliability to deliver the total home comfort you can expect from Tempstar Heating & Cooling Products. 

  • Energy-star rated air conditioners cool more efficiently and can save you 30% on energy bills each year.
  • If you’re looking to cool your entire home, central air is a smart investment.

A high-efficient air conditioning system will certainly pay for itself in energy savings over time in decreased cooling bills.

Always a Free Quote

It is important to have the "Right Size" AC Unit in your home.  To ensure this, we carefully calculate the number of BTU’s necessary to properly cool your home. This involves measuring the rooms, doors and windows, ceiling height, level of insulation, and possible basement or crawl spaces.  

We invite you to contact our highly trained Air Conditioning Service Technicians at 513-574-4000 or email us for a free quote. We take great pride in satisfying the needs of all our customers!