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high efficiency heat pumpsHeat Pumps are different than traditional furnaces. Heat Pump draws warm air from the outside to heat your home in the winter. In the summer it pulls heat from inside your home to cool it. For people living in milder climates such as Cincinnati Ohio, Heat Pumps are a great alternative to traditional furnaces and air conditioners.

High Efficiency Heat Pumps: 

All of our products are designed for quality, energy efficiency and reliability to deliver the total home comfort you can expect from Tempstar Heating & Cooling Products.  Give us a call, we’d be happy to explain all the benefits and energy savings you can expect from a Tempstar Heat Pump system.

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Enjoy your indoors again! Our quality heat pumps will heat you up all winter and keep you pleasantly cool all summer. The family will love their quality time indoors in their perfect indoor environment. 

One of our experienced and local HVAC technicians will take a look at your current furnace or Heat Pump system, along with the setup of your residential and commercial space, discuss with you any specific situations or obstacles, and provide options that best fit for your heat pump replacement system needs.

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